Commercial Street Garage

Mercantile Center Garage

201 Commercial St.
Worcester, MA 01608


Hours of Operation

The parking garage for Mercantile Center Garage is open:

Monday thru Sunday 24 hours/7 days
Height Restriction: 6'8"

This location is accessible from either 2 lanes on Commercial St. or 1 lane on Major Taylor Blvd (truck tunnel).

Daily Rates

Up to 1 hour $4.00
1 to 3 hours $7.00
3 to 5 hours $11.00
5 to 12 hours $13.00
12 to 24 hours $16.00
LOST Ticket $20.00
Event Rates Varies, posted during event

Monthly Parking

Standard Monthly Rate $145.00 per card
Additional fees:  
Card Activation Fee $25.00 per card
Lost Card Fee $25.00 per card

Automated Parking Garage - Payments

Pay machines are located at the following three locations:
  • Level 3 Sec D West Stairwell - Cash/Credit
  • Level 3 Sec D East Stairwell - Credit only
You also have the option to pay in lane with Credit only.